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I have used another brand of blackcurrant powder in the past but very happy to discover that ViBERi are making it from their organic berries. I have switched to this and now use it regularly. I have been using their frozen Viberi berries regularly in smoothies for years. I always feel better for using them. More energised and helps with recovery after exercise.

Pat F.

ViBERi Organic Blackcurrant Powder works wonders. I use in smoothies, either for breakfast or as recovery drink after running training. Big help to keep my immune system doing as best it can, as I'm on two immune suppressants.


ViBERi Blackcurrant Powder has kept us from any colds for two years. I have a 12 year old school girl who has remained healthy from daily use of this product. In fact, I am so delighted with the powder I have subscribed to receive it every 12 weeks. Versatile and delicious all year round.

Jen N.

Two Superfoods Are Better Than One!

ViBERi Certified Organic Blackcurrant Orchard - Pleasant Point, New Zealand.

ViBERi is a 100% certified organic blackcurrant orchard in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

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Blackcurrants offer us so many amazing health benefits...

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You can shop our 100% certified organic blackcurrant range direct from the ViBERi orchard.