ViBERi Organic Blackcurrant Powder ~ Winner of Organic Food Product of the Year 2021!

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Love this product (Organic Blackcurrant Powder) I usually either add to smoothies or have it as a shot! It makes me feel energised & clear behind the eyes after having it. It's also a great pick-up mid afternoon. Really recommend !!

Jane N.

Our whole family enjoy this delicious, tangy powder sprinkled over muesli for breakfast, mixed into natural yoghurt or even over mashed banana and chopped walnuts for a yummy afternoon energy boost. Love it.

Tracey D.

ViBERi ticks a few boxes. Certified Organic and Blackcurrant stacks up really well for nerve health. Plus it's easy to use AND it's another great local New Zealand producer.

Sandey Y.

ViBERi Organic Blackcurrant Powder has been awarded NZ Organic Food Product of the Year 2021!

ViBERi Certified Organic Blackcurrant Orchard - Pleasant Point, New Zealand.

ViBERi is a 100% certified organic blackcurrant orchard in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

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Blackcurrants offer us so many amazing health benefits...

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You can shop our 100% certified organic blackcurrant range direct from the ViBERi orchard.