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NOiR 58% Organic Dark Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
Kathryn H. (Wellington, New Zealand)

Lovely way to get vitamin C and dark chocolate

Soft Dried Organic Blackcurrants 100g
Awhi L.O. (Auckland, New Zealand)

At first I thought they were a little sour but now I love having a little handful for an after dinner treat ! Knowing they are organic and good for me as well is a bonus

RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
Erin (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Tasty and tart

Great as a snack and would also be nice on top of yoghurt and granola.

RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
Mandy S. (Whangarei, New Zealand)

Very delicious πŸ˜‹

RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
Fadia M. (East Tamaki, New Zealand)
Great balance of sweet and sour

We love all ViBERi chocolate.. but Ruby is by far our favorite. Mixture of flavors with every bite πŸ˜‹

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Glen I. (Auckland, New Zealand)


Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g (AU)
Libby A. (Ballarat, Australia)
freerze dried blackcurrants

Have just reordered but then realised I missed out on the 5% discount. Very happy with the product and have it on my granola every morning.

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g
Gerald C. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants

Fantastic taste, I have a handful it every morning and evening to ensure that I am healthy.

RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
Gilly F. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Rich Royal Ruby

ABSOLUTELY our fav chocolate blackcurrent to enjoy. Definitely a crowd pleaser.


Delicious and nutritious! So happy to buy in bulk. Hopefully non-plastic packaging is coming soon.


They look and taste beautiful. Second favorite in our house after the ruby variety.

RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
Sue C. (Hamilton, New Zealand)

They look beautiful and taste great. The white chocolate is a nice sweetness- our kids favorite of the available varieties.


A real treat- the dark chocolate is great in that it’s not too sweet. The adults favorite in our house.

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 40g
Nina M. (Wellington, New Zealand)
So Delish

I love the crunch of these freeze-dried berries! They are a fun textural addition to so many things. My favourite was with my cereal and yoghurt or just yoghurt and frozen berries for a treat!

Our Favourite

The most delicious of the Viberi range, so will buy again.

Recommended Treat

Our family were impressed with Viberi Ruby and would buy again.

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g
Hazel W. (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Love the dried blackcurrant berries - I mix with homemade granola and it gives the mixture an interesting and beneficial addition. Really love it.

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 200g (20x Sachets)
Hazel W. (Hamilton, New Zealand)
Blackcurrant powder

Would prefer in bag not several sachets but the content is fantastic - easy to mix or sprinkle on food

Amazing product

Absolutely love your products especially the Cacao one ..it is divine!

Loved them all. Will order more when need too.

Super food I trust!!

It is pure and simple so I trust and it works! I make smoothie with just a banana and coconut water. It tastes awesome and it gets me recovered from slightly feeling sick phase. I never get really sick with this method :)



Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g
Ali M. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Delicious and healthy

I love these freeze dried blackcurrants. The flavour is so intense and I have a spoonful every morning with my oats and stewed apple. They not only add a delightful tang, but they are also known to boost brain function. Having had serious concussion 2 years ago I believe that this addition to my breakfast is helping to heal me.
I also add some to my healthy bliss balls, then crush some and roll the balls in the powder - oh my goodness - so yummy!
Make them part of your everyday healthy diet - you won't regret it!

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 200g (20x Sachets)
Gayle B. (Brisbane, Australia)
Blackcurrant sachets

This organic powder is amazing, I buy this product for my sons & their partners for their smoothies & of course myself sprinkled over my morning muesli , the antioxidants are worth every cent , thank you .

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g
Pauline L.&.M.L. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Have always enjoyed the great health benefits of blackcurrants and very pleased to be able to pur...

My husband Malcolm & I are enjoying sprinkling your blackcurrants over our breakfast muesli and yoghurt - Thank you.