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Organic Blackcurrant Powder 200g (20x Sachets)
Michelle H. (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
Excellent source of Vitamin C!

I have been using this for 3 months and have to say I have an epic immune system this winter - as a teacher I am prone to every bug going. Easy to use, delicious and very versatile. Highly recommend.

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g
Deb V. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Pop of flavour

I love my breakfast - a handful of freeze dried Viberi black currants on my muesli or porridge - a delicious pop of flavour. Having grown up in south Canterbury I think of it as a little taste of home.

Soft Dried Organic Blackcurrants 100g
Jacinta G. (Wellington, New Zealand)

Delicious, soft, tangy and not sweet. So good and good for you. Yum!

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g
G C. (New York, United States)
Excellent product.

Excellent product. Blend the berries in my blender...keep blended product in the freezer/add liberally to my smoothies. I think it helps my eyes.
Been buying this product for several years. I live in the U.S. and it is shipped promptly. Thank you Viberi.


I love dark chocolate , these cocoa wrapped blackcurrants are great, a delicious treat and good for me too.

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 450g (Loose Powder)
susan t. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Berry fantastic

I love Viberi blackcurrant powder, adding it to my muesli every morning. I think it's a good immune booster and use it every day. Seems to mostly keep coughs and colds at bay. I have noticed a slight change in colour and texture from the powder I had previously used.
Great and quick service ordering it directly, the big packet of powder also saves on packaging found in the small sachets .

Soft Dried Organic Blackcurrants 100g
Vianna Y. (Auckland, New Zealand)
very good gift for mother's day

My mom loves this

very very great chocolate

I bought it for mother's day, because my mother loves this so much but not selling a lot variety that she wants in the supermarket so I ordered on the website ๐Ÿ‘
Arrived very nice and fast

Soft Dried Organic Blackcurrants 100g
R D.C. (Paeroa, New Zealand)
Little power babies!

I sprinkle a few on my breakfast every morning and really enjoy the chewy hit and knowing thereโ€™s heaps of vitamin C in there ๐Ÿ˜‹


A little bit sweet and a little bit sour- I really love these ๐Ÿ’•


I love the powder sprinkled on my smoothie bowl in the morning and know Iโ€™m getting plenty of vitamin C so thanks!

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 200g (20x Sachets)
Jan M. (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Great product

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g (AU)
Dr F.R. (Mooroolbark, Australia)
Delicious and healthy

This product is amazing for school snack and also cooking and adding great new flavours to your meals ( chicken , fish ,meat ) ; while enjoying its great health benefits ,
Top Antioxidant , keeping your skin younger and fresher while keeping potential cancer producing radicals away !!!

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 200g (20x Sachets)(AU)
Dr F.R. (Mooroolbark, Australia)
Super food for super life !

Our family have been using and enjoying these products for many years now ,I strongly recommend it to all !
As itโ€™s health benefits are enormous ; -strengthening immune system
-healthy and strong bone , teeth and gum
-enhancing the health of joint and connective tissues
-Radiant skin ( particularly great for relieving acne in teenagers ...use it in smoothies or breakfast cereal or as school snack ...)
-gut health and function
And the list goes on and on ...

A Super Food for both MENTAL and PHYSICAL health and well-being !!

Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Howey , the world famous farmers from New Zealand for their great contribution
to the world of preventive medicine and health by putting this super food on our tables .

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 200g (20x Sachets)
Ella B. (Dunedin, New Zealand)

Amazingly fresh and not too sweet pure taste. Very valuable .

RUBY Organic Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
Kathryn T. (Auckland, New Zealand)

So delicious...the only problem is that there is no saving these for later - once you open the packet, you will eat them all.

CACAO 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90gm
Karen W. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

Enjoyed these as it felt like I was having a healthy snack. And they were really delish too.

NOiR 58% Organic Dark Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g
Karen W. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

Love these. They are simply a fabulous treat.

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Deb B. (Morrinsville, New Zealand)
Fantastic product

Great way to add goodness to smoothies. My 86 year old father really enjoys it and has noticed a difference. A great way to start the day !

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 200g (20x Sachets)
Karen L. (Hamilton, New Zealand)
Top Rating

Use it for breakfast with my muesli mix- one sachet last for ages- good communication & efficient ordering & delivery

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 450g (Loose Powder)
Katie (Wellington, New Zealand)
Amazing Product

It works wonders, I use in Smoothies either for breakfast or as recovery drink after running training. Big Help to keep helping my immune system doing as best it can, as am on two immune suppressants.

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Huda (Brisbane, Australia)
Not for me

Smells oily gives me headache. Bad experience

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 50g (5x Sachets)
Briana N. (Wellington, New Zealand)
So Berry Bright

Deliciousness vibrant colour that is pleasantly tasty

Lovely and vibrant

These are a small treat to satisfy a sweet tooth. You only need a couple and they're delicious

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g
Jill A. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Jill Allan

Love these blackcurrants and love the excellent service and happy helpful voice at the end of the phone if I need to ring.
Easy to order online and they arrive within 3 days.
Been buying these online for 3 years