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Viberi Christmas Eton Mess

This is a really quick and simple yet delicious dessert for the festive season! 

Serve as one big dish or in simple glasses like we have




All quantities will depend on how may people you want to make this for, the quantities I used were enough for 3 people however I would recommend adjusting this as necessary 

- 2 cups plain greek yoghurt (or flavored if you prefer) 

- 100ml fresh cream

- 1 Tbsp Viberi Powder/1/4 Cups Freeze dried Blackcurrants 

- 1/3 cup Viberi Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants, 

- 3/4 cup Fresh Fruit - I used Strawberries and Redcurrants however you can switch these out for whatever is available around you 

- Meringue crushed into smaller chunks 


Whip Cream until stiff peaks, from here fold in the yoghurt, Viberi powder/freeze dried and fresh fruit. This will make a creamy mixture, be sure taste test and add more of anything to taste.

Using your serving cup or dish or choice begin to layer you dessert.

Beginning with a heaped tablespoon of the creamy mixture, follow this up with a small handful or meringue. Repeat this process until you reach the desired size, complete by topping with a mixture of our chocolate rolled range. 

This dessert is simple and versatile, change it up to suit taste buds. 

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